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The following are real testimonies of family members and past residents of Freedom’s Door, and the impact this ministry has had on their recovery and their lives.



Dear Freedom’s Door,

When I dropped off my brother at Freedom’s Door, he was scared, nervous, depressed and extremely reluctant to take this step in his life. He did not want to participate in the programs or share in the group discussions, although he did recognize that he needed some help.

Within a week, he started to realize the value of his mental and physical health in participating in the programs, he began connecting with some of the guys and started to put together a plan to benefit from the help that was available to him through Freedom’s Door.

By the second week, he was seeing the healing that God was bringing to his life, attending church every week, and he became an active participant in the meetings and relapse prevention programs. He looked forward to the discussion/counseling sessions with the leaders, who have been a huge influence and inspiration for him.

My brother has been drug and alcohol free since he entered Freedom’s Door. He is holding down a job, working 50 hours / week and starting to build a life that does not include alcohol. He is optimistic about his future without substance abuse and no longer seems depressed. He is a great guy to be around, and our whole family is building relationships with him that we feared may have been lost to us forever. This is not to say that his life will no longer have hardships, but by the grace of God and thanks to Freedom’s Door, he will be better equipped to handle them when they do come along.

Our family is deeply thankful to Freedom’s Door for helping my brother to find his way and for helping us to support him.

May God watch over and guide you every day.

Best regards,


My name is Ross and I am an addict.

I’ve opened this way because several months ago I wouldn’t have been able to admit to this simple fact, but I am and have been for several years an addict.

When I first came to Freedom’s Door and met you for the first time I knew at once that my life was at a turning point. It may seem funny to a lot of people how I could have known this but I truly did, and I also know that without your help I probably would be dead today. I was at the point of suicide, my life as I knew it was over, if I had of continued the way that I was going I would have killed myself and that is a fact.

The moment that I stepped into Freedom’s Door I knew that there was someone who really cared whether I lived or died. I owe my life to you and the way that He taught me the truth about myself and taught me the 12 Steps through a loving and gentle God as I now know through Jesus Christ.

I never believed that there was a god until you literally took me by the hand and brought me to church. I always believed that church was for stuffy old people with nothing to do in their lives but go to social meetings and complain about how their lives were, you showed me how wrong that I was. Today I have several good friends in the church and these people I can call true friends because they are not after anything that I have – they just want to see me have a good life and walk with the Lord, which I now do.

I have come from a desperate addict with no life left to an addict in recovery with 7 months clean today. I no longer have the obsession to use drugs or to hurt anyone around me by ripping them off or stealing what was theirs. Today I have a reason to live and I am actively helping others who were in my shoes whether they are alcoholics or drug addicts, to me it makes no difference and I know to you it makes no difference. You are always willing to help the under-dog.

I am not going to tell you my full story but I am going to say this, you have made a giant impact in my life.

In Jesus name I pray,