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The Program

Our program is built around three phases. During each phase, participants live in one of the Freedom’s Door homes which provide a clean, safe, supportive environment.

Phase One: Understanding the Problem

The first four to six weeks is a grounding phase during which participants are encouraged and stabilized physically and mentally. They begin working through the Twelve Step program and learn to recognize the powerlessness and unmanageability of their lives and their need for God.

During this phase, men are also evaluated for special needs counselling for anger management, grief, mood and mental disorders, and life skills training.

Phase Two: Learning Life Skills

In the next 8 to 12 weeks, as participants continue working through the Twelve Steps, they’re introduced to programs such as daily group therapy and one-on-one counselling. Usually 6 to 12 weeks long, these programs are specifically tailored to individual needs. Participation in multiple programs may be necessary to achieve success in the recovery process.

Phase Three: Building on the Foundation

Phase Three is an ongoing reintegration phase designed for men who are ready to re-enter society’s mainstream. During this phase, we help the men access community resources to enhance their educational and career opportunities and encourage them to develop and use a support group of their own. Ongoing group and individual counselling are also available through this longterm support phase.

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